E Juice Variety Pack

Nicoclean E Juice Variety Pack

E Juice Variety Pack
E Juice Variety Pack

Introducing the Full Line of Nicoclean E Juice and Premium E Juice Variety Packs

We have a big announcement in the wonderful world of e juice and some amazing options for e juice variety packs here at Slim Vape Pen. We are switching from limited distribution to full distribution of Nicoclean E Juice, and we are therefore introducing the full Nicoclean Premium E Juice Line, and not only e juice, but full blown e juice variety packs. We have been big fans of Nicoclean from the very beginning, and it doesn’t take much research to understand why! They are simply an awesome company that produces some amazing blends of e juice. Try a sample e juice variety pack today, take a puff, and you will be able to tell the difference instantly. There are so many reasons why Nicoclean E Juice is so popular and now even better, we are able to offer e juice variety packs so you can start saving big bucks on e juice. Here are just some of the things that we love about the Nicoclean Premium E Juice Variety Pack.

American Made E Juice Variety Pack

Their e juice variety packs are 100% made in America. Everything from the original sourcing of the ingredients to the manufacturing of the e juice itself happens right here in the USA. This translates into higher quality e juice for several reasons. First of all, other countries have been known to have mystery chemicals in their e juice, Nicoclean, however, does not. Nicoclean Uses USP ingredients in their e juice which makes up some of the most delicious, mouth weltering blends of  e juice you will taste! Nicoclean does not and will never import their juice and the consistency in their flavors prove it time and time again. Rest assured you are getting the cleanest most pure product on the market! Nicoclean offers their American made e juice variety packs in a number of options to give you the freedom to create something unique and specific to your taste buds.

E Juice Variety Pack Options

  • 5 E Juice Variety Pack – Choose any 5 flavors
  • 10 E Juice Variety Pack – Choose any 10 flavors
  • 15 E Juice Variety Pack – Choose any 15 flavors

Customize and Create a Variety Pack Today!

E Juice Variety Pack
Fruit E Juice Variety Packs

With many options to choose from, you can customize your own variety pack any way you wish. Combine your variety pack with candy and dessert flavors or maybe get creative and spice things up with a beverage and tobacco e juice variety pack. With all the flavors available at your finger tips you can create a variety pack that has flavors like Cotton Candy E Juice and Strawberry Banana E Juice or something like Pina Colada E Juice and Raspberry E Juice. The choice is up to you on exactly what to choose in your variety pack but with the option to choose 5, 10 and 15 different flavors, you are really getting something special. Stop paying those high prices on e juice, ranging from $15- $17 down at your local vape shop when you can taste the crisp, clean flavor of Nicoclean for a fraction of the price. With a massive savings up to a whopping $80+, there is no reason not to try a variety pack from Nicoclean today! Customize your own variety kit with all one category of flavors, one single flavor or mix and match until you are 100% happy with your variety pack. The choice is yours and don’t be afraid to go crazy, that’s what an e juice variety pack is all about.

Huge Selection of Flavors for your E Juice Variety Pack

Nicoclean has a huge selection of e juice flavors, which are perfect for variety packs because there are so many to choose from in creating your own unique variety pack sampler. They have a huge selection of fruit flavors, candy flavors, dessert flavors, beverage flavors and tobacco flavors, so you can mix and match until you are happy with your variety pack. Up till now, we have only carried a relatively small selection of our favorite Nicoclean e juice flavors. Now we will be able to offer you their full selection, and that is just as exciting to us as it should be to you. There are many flavors offered by Nicoclean, and all of them are incredibly delicious. You can taste different e juice flavors in from your variety pack all month long before you had to start repeating flavors. Whether you are a fan of sweet dessert flavors, fresh fruit flavors, or sophisticated liquor flavors, Nicoclean has a lot of different tastes for you to try out in your e juice variety pack.

E Juice Variety Pack Categories

  • Fruit E Juice
  • Dessert E Juice
  • Candy E Juice
  • Tobacco E Juice
  • Beverage E Juice

E Juice Variety Pack Pricing

E Juice Variety Pack
E Juice Variety Pack Savings Chart
  • (1) E Juice Cost: 10.95
  • (2) E Juice Cost: 21.90
  • (3) E Juice Cost: 32.85
  • (4) E Juice Cost: 43.80
  • (5) E Juice Variety Pack Cost: 39.99
  • (10) E Juice Variety Pack Cost: 69.99
  • (15) E Juice Variety Pack Cost: 79.99 – Best Deal – (Wholesale Pricing)

E Juice Variety Pack SAVINGS – These Savings are HUGE!!!

  • (5) E Juice Variety Pack Savings: $14.76
  • (10) E Juice Variety Pack Savings: $39.51
  • (15) E Juice Variety Pack Savings: $84.26  – Best Deal – (Wholesale Pricing)

Cost Per Bottle on E Juice Variety Pack

  • (5) Cost Per Bottle: ONLY: 7.99
  • (10) Cost Per Bottle: ONLY $6.99
  • (15) Cost Per Bottle: ONLY $5.33

Have Friends that Vape? Have everyone pitch in on a Variety Pack!

If you are looking to save money on e juice by purchasing a variety pack, you are at the right place and so are your friends. Well, even if your friends and family are not with you right now, they will appreciate it when you tell them that you now have the “Hook-Up” on wholesale e juice. With the E Juice Variety Pack 5, Variety Pack 10 and Variety Pack 15, you can choose 5, 10 or 15 different flavors of e juice which will allow you, your friends and your family to vape in style while saving money. If you do the math (which we have already done for you), you can easily see that you are saving a huge amount of money by purchasing an e juice variety pack instead of single bottles, 1 at a time. Getting wholesale pricing on e juice is important and now you have the ability to get wholesale e juice pricing with the Nicoclean E Juice Variety Pack. If you get 1 or two friends or family members to split the cost with you then you are saving even money by not having to spend it at once., while still getting wholesale pricing. If however, you are an E Juice hog and want it all to your self, go ahead and indulge in whatever type of variety pack you want. Whatever the case, a variety pack will save you time and money in the long run and with Nicoclean Premium E Juice you are about to experience some of the most delicious blends you have ever tried.

Quality Ingredients in a Variety Pack

Here, all the ingredients are listed in each e juice on every variety pack, so you know exactly what you are vaping and what comes in your variety pack. The Nicoclean Premium E Juice Variety Pack contains propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, nicotine concentrate and flavoring. There’s no question of whether the Nicoclean Premium E Juice Variety Pack might also contain mystery chemicals – it doesn’t. At Nicoclean, not only is e juice variety pack made the States, but all the ingredients are sourced here too.