E Juice Sample Pack

E Juice Sample Pack from Nicoclean

Customize your E Juice Sample Pack the way you want it with FULL SIZE BOTTLES!!

E Juice Variety Pack

Here at Slim Vape Pen, we are thrilled to announce our new E Juice Sample Packs and E Juice Variety Packs! Enjoy the quality and fantastic taste of Nicoclean e juice, now with the value and savings from buying in bulk! Our job is to provide you with the best in e juice (and everything else vape pen related), and we are pretty sure that this fits the bill exactly.

Here are just a few of the things that you are going to absolutely love about our Nicoclean E Juice Sample Pack:

E Juice Sample Pack Costs

  • 5 Full Size Bottles: 39.99 – E Juice Variety Pack 5
  • 10 Full Size Bottles: 69.99
  • 15 Full Size Bottles: 79.99

Variety of Full Size Bottles and Flavors to Sample

Have you ever looked at an e juice flavor and thought it sounded delicious, but been a little too nervous to buy it and instead bought one of your old tried and true favorites? You’re not alone. It can be hard to try new flavors, especially when it means having to spend money springing for them and then risking having them not be your new favorite after all. As much as we would all like to think of ourselves as being adventurous and willing to try new things, when it actually comes to trying new things it can be harder than it seems. With a sample pack, you can try all sorts of different flavors at a discount, so your risk is lowered in two ways: first, you don’t pay as much for each bottle, and second, even if one flavor doesn’t turn out to be your favorite, there are many other flavors in the sample pack that probably will.


  • (1) E Juice Cost: 10.95
  • (2) E Juice Cost: 21.90
  • (3) E Juice Cost: 32.85
  • (4) E Juice Cost: 43.80
  • (5) E Juice Sample Pack Cost: 39.99
  • (10) E Juice Sample Pack Cost: 69.99
  • (15) E Juice Sample Pack Cost: 79.99 – Best Deal – (Wholesale Pricing)

E Juice Variety Pack SAVINGS – These Savings are HUGE!!!

  • (5) E Juice Sample Pack Savings: $14.76
  • (10) E Juice Sample Pack Savings: $39.51
  • (15) E Juice Sample Pack Savings: $84.26  – Best Deal – (Wholesale Pricing)

Cost Per Bottle on E Juice Variety Pack

  • (5) Cost Per Bottle: ONLY: 7.99
  • (10) Cost Per Bottle: ONLY $6.99
  • (15) Cost Per Bottle: ONLY $5.33
E Juice Sample Pack

E Juice Variety Pack Savings Chart

There are lots of things in life that you can save a lot of money on by buying them in bulk. E juice is definitely one of them. You pay significantly less per bottle when you buy an e juice sample pack than when you buy each bottle individually. And let’s face it: you were going to buy it anyway, so what’s the point of paying more? Vape pens already save you tons of money compared with cigarettes, and you might as well take as much advantage of those savings as you can! Make your bank account and your taste buds happy at the same time – what’s not to love?

Quality Made E Juice

We make no secret about it: we love Nicoclean e juice! Its flavors are to die for, and you can taste the quality from the very first puff. It is made in the USA, so you are assured that there are no mystery chemicals or strange manufacturing practices going on, the way there can be with imported e juice. In short, from the first time we tried Nicoclean e juice we knew that there was something special here, and our customers confirm this over and over again for us in their reviews of these products. With the e juice sample pack from Nicoclean, you get to try a bunch of different flavors of e juice, as well as experiencing the amazing quality of Nicoclean e juice for yourself. Give it a try today!