Different Kanthal Sizes and Resistance

Different Kanthal Wire Sizes

What do the different size Kanthal Wire Sizes Mean?

When it comes to rebuilding an atomizer coil, you need to know what size of Kanthal wire to get and what the different sizes mean. Kanthal wire is our preferred wire for rebuilding atomizer coils at Slim Vape Pen. It is formulated to be able to heat up to extremely high temperatures, as high as 2550 degrees Fahrenheit or 1400 degrees Celsius. This makes Kanthal wire in itself the best wire by far for taking care of your rebuildable coil needs because it is sturdy enough to withstand the demands of vaping.

When it comes to Kanthal wire, the most basic rule of thumb is this: the gauge is a measurement of how thick the wire is.

  • Low numbers mean thick wire
  • High numbers mean thin wire.
  • Thick Wire Means Low Resistance
  • Thin Wire Means High Resistance

When you are building an atomizer coil, the amount of power and heat you get which makes your e juice vaporize depends on the resistance of your coil. This is where the different sizes of Kanthal wire becomes important. Resistance is measured in Ohms. The higher the Ohms, the higher the resistance, the more voltage you get with each puff on your vape pen.

Kanthal Wire Gauge (AWG) in Diameters

  • 24 Gauge Kanthal Wire = 0.51 mm
  • 26 Gauge Kanthal Wire = 0.40 mm
  • 28 Gauge Kanthal Wire = 0.32 mm
  • 30 Gauge Kanthal Wire = 0.25 mm
  • 32 Gauge Kanthal Wire = 0.20 mm
  • 34 Gauge Kanthal Wire = 0.16 mm

Kanthal Wire Gauge (AWG) in Resistance (68°F)

  • 24 Gauge (AWG) = 0.17 Ω / in.
  • 26 Gauge (AWG) = 0.28Ω / in.
  • 28 Gauge (AWG) = 0.44 Ω / in.
  • 30 Gauge (AWG) = 0.70 Ω / in.
  • 32 Gauge (AWG) = 1.09 Ω / in.
  • 34 Gauge (AWG) = 1.76 Ω / in.

Resistance is affected by:

Wire size

The narrower the wire, the more resistance it has. Like other things that are measured by gauge, the higher the gauge the narrower the wire. So it may seem backwards that higher numbers mean smaller wire, but it makes sense once you consider that higher numbers also mean higher voltage.

Number of wraps in the coil

The more times the coil is wrapped around, the more resistance it has.

Length of the wire

The more distance the electricity has to go through the wire, the more resistance it has. This is why the number of wraps in the coil matters – more wraps means a longer length of wire.

Twist in the wire

You can get Kanthal wire that is twisted. Remember that twisted wire has half the resistance of non-twisted wire of the same gauge and length. Therefore you will need a longer length and/or a smaller gauge of twisted wire to get the same resistance that you could from non-twisted wire.

Wick type

Believe it or not, the type of wick you use will also affect the output of your coil in terms of the amount of vapor you get. The wire by itself is not the only factor. In addition, the kind of wick you choose will affect how you can wrap the coil. Some kinds of wick work well with dual coils or single coils, and some kinds of wick need a coil with lower or higher resistance. Take a look at our “Kanthal Wire Guide” for more details about the kind of wicks you can choose from and how they affect the coil design you use.

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Different Kanthal Sizes and Resistance

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