Common Vape Problems and Troubleshooting Tips

Common Vape Problems


We all know how frustrating it is when something goes wrong with our e-cigarettes/ vape pens, but it is completely normal to have problems come up once in a while when vaping. Most of these vape problems can be fixed with some simple troubleshooting steps. The following are some of the most common vape problems you may face with your ego-t, ego-c twist, evod and many other vape pens.

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Ego Battery Not Charging

The ego & evod battery charging issue is probably the most common vape problems you may come across while vaping. Here is what to do when your ego battery isn’t charging:

  • Make sure it is turned on:¬†If you are having issues charging your ego or evod battery, the first thing you want to do is make sure it is turned on. To do this press the power button 5 times in a row. You will want to press the button 5 times rapidly, in a rhythmic flow.

  • Charging Lights:¬†If the charger is showing a red light this means it is the process of charging fair ego battery. If the charger light is green this means your ego battery is fully charged.
  • eGo Battery on/off

Other reasons why your eGo battery is not charging

  • Firing Pin has ejuice on it
  • Firing Pin is stuck
  • Firing Pin is not making contact with the charger
  • Charger could possibly be faulty
  • Ego could possibly be faulty

Ego Not producing Vapor


Ego not producing vapor

Another really common vape problem people report on ego and evod vape pens is the issue of their vape pen not producing any vapor. If your eGo batteries is fully charged and the lights are one, but it is not producing vapor, you may have a firing pin issue.

It is very common for the center firing pin to get pushed down, which causes it to loose contact with the atomizer. To remedy the situation you need to pop the firing pin back out. You could do this with a small screwdriver by adding slight pressure to push back up. You do


n’t want to put too much pressure as this can completely dislodge the firing pin and ruin the ego battery.

How to Release the Firing Pin Video

Here’s a nice little video someone made to show how to pull the center pin to fix a non firing ego battery

You also don’t want to screw the clearomizer on too tightly as this can push the firing pin down. You do want it tight enough to make a connection to the battery however. The firing pin issue is the most common reason why your vape pen is not producing vapor, but there are many other reasons, such as:

  • Clearomizer¬†is low on e juice
  • Ejuice is on the firing pin
  • Moisture is on the firing pin
  • Your vape pen isn‚Äôt charged enough
  • You need to clean your clearomizer/ atomizer
  • You need a new atomizer head


Vape Pen giving Burnt taste

Your ego-t, ego-c, or evod may be putting off a burnt taste. This, along with charging issues, is the most common vaping problems (also the most annoying) . If your vape pen is giving you a horrible burnt taste, you can do a few things to prevent it. Here are some common reasons why your vape pen may be giving you a burnt taste:

  • You need a¬†replacement¬†atomizer head
  • You need to clean your atomizer head
  • You vape too soon after filling a new tank
  • Variable voltage¬†vape pen is set too high

The most common solution is to simply continually clean your atomizer heads within your tank and to replace your atomizer head when cleaning doesnt help anymore. Also, if your ego-c twist is giving you a burnt taste, just turn down the voltage.


Clearomizer is Leaking

It is also a very common problem for people to report a leaking clearomizer tank. It is no fun to have ejuice leak all over you vape pen, but it does happen. That is the nature of vaping. There are some things you can do to prevent the leaking issue. Here are some common causes for a leaking vape pen:

  • Overfilled Tank:¬†if you overfill your clearomizer tank, this can cause it to leak.
  • Ejuice in Air Hole:¬†Most vapers know that gurgling sound they get when vaping. This means you likely have e juice down the center air hole. You can get ejuice in the air hole from a few different ways.
    • From Filling: One way E juice can get an air hole is when you are filling the clearomizer tank. if you pour too much too quickly, it can spill into the air hole. To¬†fill the clearomizer tank¬†correctly, you must make sure you pour slowly and against the edge of the tank.
    • Heavy Draws:¬†Another way you can get e juice down the air hole is from taking too strong of a draw. This can force e juice between the rubber washers.
    • Hot Environment:¬†Another common way that you e juice down the center air hole this from leaving it in the hot car.
  • Left in a Hot car:¬†if you have your vape pen in a hot environment, it can cause you e juice to leak. The reason is because things expand in heat, and your washers that used to keep the ejuice confined in the tank now become too big and let ejuice fall through the cracks.

One of the best ways to remedy the fix a leaking clearomizer tank is to clean your tank often. This is essentially starting fresh so you can take the preventative measures to stop your vape pen from leaking.


Damaged Clearomizer

If your clearomizer is still leaking from the bottom or top, you can almost always remedy this by following the above troubleshooting steps. However, if your clearomizer is still leaking after all the above troubleshooting steps have been carried out, you may have a damaged clearomizer tank.

For instance, if your e juice is leaking from the sides of the clearomizer tank (where the glass meets the metal), you may have screwed the clearomizer on too tightly, which caused a crack or a separation from the metal base. At this point you would just need a new clearomizer. Check out our Aspire ET-S 3ml Clearomizer



Gurgling Clearomizer Tank

This is just a sign that the clearomizer is leaking e juice in the center air hole. This can be caused from overfilling your clearomizer or from taking puffs that are too strong. Try to take slow and steady draws and be careful when filling.


E Juice in Mouth

This, like the gurgling issue is a common vaping problem. It is caused from taking too strong of draws from your vape pen. Try to take slow and steady draws.


Vaping Dehydration

A very small percentage of people are sensitive to PG, which is an ingredient in eJuice. Most ejuice blends are 50% PG and 50% VG. For people that are sensitive to PG, it can cause dry mouth or dry eyes while vaping. This is simply referred to as vaping dehydration. To fix this, you can usually drink more water or switch to a VG e Juice.

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