Cigarettes Vs Vape Starter Kits

Cigarettes Vs Vape Starter Kits (Cost)

How much Does a Starter Kit Cost Over Time?

Cigarettes Vs Vape Starter Kits

Lets do some comparisons between buying regular packs of cigarettes vs a Vape Starter Kit for your nicotine fix.

Cost of Cigarettes

Lets say a pack of cigarettes cost between 5-10$, depending on where you get it. You may be buying a pack a day or every one or two days, depending on how much you smoke. So lets say it costs $75-300 a month, depending on how heavily you smoke and the cost of a pack of cigarettes where you live.

Cost of Vape Starter Kit (Initial Investment)

Now lets look at the cost of vaping. If it cost you an initial investment of $40 for a vaporizer pen starter kit then all you have to worry about is buying ejuice and atomizer heads as time goes on.

The only The initial cost of a vape starter kit is what initially might prevent someone from trying vaping, but still $40 is not too much. It is just an initial investment, and you actually end up saving you a lot of money overtime.

Cost of eJuice

If you are just starting out with vaping, in the beginning you may go through 1 mL of ejuice a day, but as time goes on you may end up moving to 2 mL of ejuice a day. The cost of good quality ejuice may be about $30 for 60 mL, or even $15 for 15 mL. It can go all the way up to $30 for 15 mL. With these calculations, it would be about $1.00-3.00 a day in ejuice ($30-90 a month depending on quality of ejuice).

Cost of Replacement Atomizers

Cigarettes Vs Vape Starter Kits
Vape Pen Atomizer – Right One needs to be replaced

Also the atomizer heads need to be replaced every couple weeks to a month (or longer) and these only cost $0.50-1.00 apiece. So the monthly cost of atomizers is around a dollar.

Total Savings

So add that all up and you have $31-91 per month for vaping (plus the initial investment of $40). With cigarettes you are looking at spending $75-300 per month (with no initial investment).

Given the cost savings and the numerous benefits of vaping compared to smoking combustible smoke, it is no wonder why hordes of people are switching to vaping from analog cigarettes, for their nicotine fix.