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Vape Ban. Is Vape Juice Dangerous?

The looming question about Vaping With the recent press around the vape related deaths, allot [...]

Why do vape pens leak?

(Its the Atomizer Head or Clearomizer Tank Coil) Vape Pens dont leak, the atomizer head [...]

EVOD Starter Kit Review

EVOD Starter Kit Review of Price, Design, Packaging, Working Parts, Durability, Charging and Using Here [...]

Vape Pen Not Producing Vapor

Why is my Ecig or Vape Pen Not Producing Enough Vapor? Is your Vaporizer Pen [...]

eGo Battery Not Charging

Is your eGo-t or eGo Twist Battery not charging? Ok everyone, this is probably one [...]

How often should you clean your tank?

Cleaning your Atomizer Tank You should be cleaning your Atomizer Tank after every use! If [...]

Bottom Coil Clearomizer VS Top Coil Clearomizer

How the Type of Clearomizers Affect Vaping Because the wick is the delivery system of [...]

eGo Hookah Pen

eGo Style Hookah Pen Experience the amazing flavor of Hookah from an eGo Pen If [...]

Replacement Atomizer Coils?

Replacement Atomizer Coil for T3s and MT3 So how often should you get replacement atomizer coils and heads? [...]

Vape Mod Batteries

The first rule of thumb in terms of batteries, is never skimp! Your vape mod [...]