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Vape Starter Kit

For those just getting started, or experienced users just discovering Slim Vape, we have the complete starter kit. Includes a long lasting battery offered in a variety of colors to suit your personal style, usb charger, and empty cartridge. Suitable for all extracts, oils, and concentrates. Rechargable, and super portable. It’s the last vape you’ll ever need.


Vape Starter Kit

Black Vape Pen Starter Kit

Original price was: $33.90.Current price is: $23.95.

Vape Starter Kit

Green Vape Pen Starter Kit

Original price was: $33.90.Current price is: $16.95.
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Vape Starter Kit

Pink Vape Pen Starter Kit

Original price was: $33.90.Current price is: $23.95.

For anyone looking for a better way to consume their oils, the Vape Pen Starter Kit offers all the components you need for a cheaper price than when purchased separately. Your wallet and your taste buds are about to thank you. Superior quality over anything you can find in your local vape shop, the 510 vape battery with compatible vape cartridge will keep up with you.

Be warned, once you try this thin vape pen that fits right in your pocket, holds a charge all day, and instantly adjusts to the temperature you need, you might need an extra lying around. Choose one of our colors to fit your style at the gym, in your car, or at a concert. Keep one for work, and one for play. We don’t judge.

Made with premium materials, our rechargeable battery with fillable cartridge is designed to be more cost effective and environmentally friendly than a disposable vape. Choose your battery and 1ml classic cartridge from a variety of colors. No matter which you choose, each set up is specifically designed to provide a smooth hit and quick heating times without sacrificing the taste of your oil or extract.

All of our products have been made with the highest attention to durability, longevity, and lifetime value. In addition, All components in the vape pen starter kit are compatible with other Slim Vape products. It’s easy to swap the color of your vape or try out a new cartridge. Check out the rest of our website for a full menu of vape pens, and premium vape cartridges. All compatible with your starter kit.

The Battery

  • Slim Vape Pen lives up to its name with a slim, portable design (11mm x 81mm)
  • Choose your color to fit your aesthetic (Coral Pink, Forest Green, or Black)
  • Easy to use single button design with three temperature settings
  • Heats up instantly
  • Rechargeable, long lasting battery perfect for everyday use (380 mAh capacity)
  • 1 hour recharge time
  • Multiple voltage presets: 2.7V , 3.1V , 3.6V

The Cartridge

Having trouble deciding which cartridge material is the best for you? You can’t really go wrong, since all of our cartridges are made from high quality glass, ceramic, and polymer, and are designed to maximize the flavor of your oils and deliver a wonderful, smooth hit. However, if you’re new to 510 vape cartridges, we can help you decide. Our Starter Kit comes with the Classic in your choice of two colors, but we’ve found that some of our customers like to include an extra ceramic or glass vape cartridge with their first order. Read on to see the benefits of these other cartridge materials we offer.

Classic Vape Cartridge

Perfect for the beginner, our Classic Vape Cartridge comes with every starter kit in your choice of black or silver with a ceramic mouthpiece. This classic version of our 510 thread cartridge features ceramic coils wrapped in cotton wick. This cartridge is affordable, provides a smooth hit, and reaches target temperature in no time.

Ceramic Vape Cartridge

The ceramic version of our 510 thread cartridge features full ceramic coils and wick. A favorite of veteran vapers, this long lasting cartridge resists metal oxidation and spit-back effect while providing superior heat retention and high-quality taste.

Glass Vape Cartridge

If aesthetic is a concern, the slick design and quality weight of this full glass cartridge will give your vaping experience an elevated look and feel. Totally clear, giving your high quality oil or extract the perfect showcase.

Whichever starter kit you go with, we guarantee that Slim Vape is about to elevate your experience to the next level of taste and quality. Happy vaping!