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Vape Cartridge

SlimVape provides 1.0mL vape cartridges in a variety of high quality materials for you to choose from. Our Classic, Ceramic, and Glass cartridges are shipped empty, ready to use with your own premium oils or concentrates. Long lasting and easy to use, these cartridges are sure to provide flavorful vapor down to the last drop.

Vape Cartridge

Ceramic Vape Cartridge

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Vape Cartridge

Classic Vape Cartridge


Vape Cartridge

Glass Vape Cartridge


Designed for you, by people like you

We know vapes. Years of experience in the industry, and years of personal use, has led us to believe that the superior vape experience all comes down to one thing: the purest, smoothest hit possible. Everytime. That’s why all of our SlimVape products are designed with the user in mind.

Everything we do is in service of providing the ultimate flavor experience. All of our components are made from premium materials that we would want to use ourselves. High grade polymer, ceramic, and glass material is what makes our products. All of our cartridges come with Intuitive, easy to follow instructions. For use with all 510 threaded batteries, we make it simpler than ever to get started.

What kind of vape cartridges are these?

Vape cartridges, also known as dab cartridges, or oil cartridges, are vehicles for flavor. Consisting of an oil chamber, battery adapter, and mouthpiece in a solid component, they are used to hold the oil or concentrate until it is ready to be heated and consumed as vapor. When powered by a compatible vape battery, the cartridge itself turns into a small oven; instantly heating and vaporizing the concentrate into a smooth, and flavorful vapor.

SlimVape provides empty 1.0mL glass, ceramic, and polymer dab cartridges compatible with all oils and concentrates, and all 510 threaded batteries. SlimVape cartridges are made with all premium materials, which enables our products to impart the least amount of flavor to your oils or concentrate, delivering only clean, smooth vapor.

Three different options. All premium materials

We offer a variety of cartridge materials to choose from. All of our empty cartridge products hold 1.0mL of oil or concentrate and are easy to fill, easy to use, and come with easy to follow instructions for first time users.

Classic Cartridge
Our Classic Cartridge features ceramic coils wrapped in cotton wick. Quick to heat, and provides a smooth, memorable hit.

Ceramic Cartridge
Our Ceramic Cartridge features full ceramic coils and wick. Long lasting, with superior heat retention. It’s perfect for concentrates that benefit from pre-heating or a longer burn time.

Glass Cartridge
Our Glass Cartridge features all glass coils and wick, creating a totally transparent chamber. Great to showcase your favorite oil in style. Not only for aesthetics, this fully class cartridge will let your oil shine pure through with minimal taste alteration.

Simple to fill cartridges make this product low risk, high reward

An easy and affordable way to consume your oils or concentrates. Once filled, our cartridges will make your oils last. Shipped empty, use our easy to follow instructions on filling and capping these cartridges. Our cartridges will hold and preserve your oils to keep them fresh until you are ready to use, down to the last puff. Once they’re filled, you’ll be ready to enjoy, again and again.

While all of our cartridges will work with most oils and concentrates, we want to help ensure you make the best choice to maximize the flavor and quality of your chosen vape liquid. View our product pages for our Classic, Ceramic, and Glass Vape Cartridges to learn more about the benefit of each material.

We have found that some of our customers like to experiment with multiple materials to find the one that suits their taste the best. No matter which one you choose, you can rest assured that your vape experience will be flavorful and hassle free. Our stringent quality control and product testing standards have been put in place to ensure a pleasant experience with our products, everytime.

Happy vaping.