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Vape battery

Premium components. Quality builds. Delivering unmatched taste. SlimVape 510 threaded batteries will exceed what you thought was possible from a vape pen. Comes with all the settings you need, and none of what you don’t; easily adjustable heat settings with a simple to use button activated heat system. Currently available in a variety of colors to choose from.


Vape Battery

Black Vape Battery

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Vape Battery

Green Vape Battery

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Vape Battery

Pink Vape Battery

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Designed for you, by industry experts

We’ve been in the business a long time. When we got started, we were sick of choosing between quality and price when it comes to our vaping accessories. When you go with SlimVape, you can be assured that you are committing to both quality and durability without sacrificing affordable cost. Always premium materials, never a premium price. You’ve got better things to spend that extra money on.

Our batteries are tested to last. SlimVape batteries are designed to go for days before a recharge is needed. Long lasting charge combined with its “slim” and discreet design makes it the perfect companion for your daily adventures. It’s never been easier to enjoy your oils on the go. You’ll want to keep one in your pocket for travel, a night out, music festivals, camping, or just your daily commute.

Simple to use, long lasting battery

The lithium-ion battery powering the device should hold up for years before it shows any sign of wear or reduced capacity. Reliability is one of our biggest priorities, we believe things should just work! We took it a step further, and developed our batteries to work for you, for years to come. Your SlimVape battery is designed with the capacity to give you thousands of puffs, and hundreds of recharges.

Our batteries feature a responsive push-to-heat button system, allowing for the user to control the power flow. With three adjustable heat settings and an additional pre heating feature, this battery is packed with all the settings you need within a simple single button design.

Designed to be compatible with all 510 vape cartridges featuring oils and concentrates. The adjustable heat settings means that everytime you vape, you will be able to adjust for the perfect flavor no matter what oil you are using that time around. Works with pre-filled cartridges, or use your own oils with our empty SlimVape fillable cartridges.

Easy to use, and easy to set up. Just twist on your chosen cartridge onto the battery’s threads in a clockwise motion until snug. That’s it. No need to clean between uses or make any adjustments. To remove for charging or to switch out the cartridge, simply rotate in the opposite direction until loose.

Technical Stuff

Battery Capacity: 380 mAh
Battery Dimensions : 11 x 88 mm
Heat Settings: 2.7V, 3.1V, 3.6V
Pre Heating Setting: 1.8 Volts for 15 seconds

Shipped with everything you need to get started

Every battery is shipped with a compatible 510 threaded USB charger. A high efficiency design yields a full charge from a fully dead battery in just under an hour. Easy to use, simply twist the charger onto the same threads that you use for the cartridge until snug, and plug in.

Compared to the vape pen, the charger measures just a fraction in size, and with a USB adapter that works with just about any compatible outlet, it is perfect to bring on the go with you. Throw it in your bag, or in your pocket, and never have to worry about running out of juice.

The charger works with any standard wall outlet provided you have the necessary USB adapter. It also supports lower voltage charging, such as plug-ins found in your car, on your laptop, or with a portable battery pack. Additional charging time may be necessary when using a lower voltage power source.

Our SlimVape Pen is currently available in black, forest green, and coral pink. Be on the lookout for new colors coming in soon. Our SlimVape pens are compatible with all other SlimVape products, such as our fillable cartridges and starter kit components. Happy Vaping!