Buy a Vape Pen on Amazon? Think Again!

Whats the Deal with Vape Pens on Amazon?

Amazon does not allow ecigs, vape pens, e juice or anything “Vape”!

Buy a Vape Pen on Amazon? Think Again!
Amazon Vape Sales Not Allowed

At Slim Vape Pen, we get asked quite frequently why we are not on Amazon, or can our products be purchased on Amazon. After all, that is one of the best places to go for great deals on all sorts of items, not just vape pen starter kitsmech modswax vape pens, dry herb vape pens, e juice or any other item that is related to vape pen use for nicotine consumption in general. Frankly, we love shopping on Amazon just as much as anyone, however, you are not allowed to purchase vaporizer pens or ecigs. For whatever reason, Amazon does not allow Ecig sales, Vape Sales or E Juice Sales, however, some “fly by night” companies are still trying to get away with it! There are many people across the world right now looking to get away with Amazon Vape Sales and Amazon is catching on quickly, while banning some accounts and putting others on hold when caught.

Why is Slim Vape Pen not on Amazon?

No vape pens, e juice, wax pens, dry herb pens or vape pen batteries allowed! You might be surprised to find out that vape pens aren’t actually allowed on Amazon. In fact, nothing related to vape pens or e cigarettes at all is allowed on Amazon. That means no vape pens, no e cigarettes, no e juice, no cartridges, etc. Believe us, we’d be there if we could. After all, being able to reach more people would mean more business for us, and more great quality products in our customers’ hands!

But I see a seller with vape pen stuff right here on Amazon!

The image below is a screen shot of a seller on Amazon selling what appears to be an EVOD Vape Pen Battery. First of all, this seller is breaking the amazon guidelines of selling Ecigs, Vape Pens and Nicotine Vaporizer Devices and will eventually get shut down by the amazon team.

Buy a Vape Pen on Amazon? Think Again!Buy a Vape Pen on Amazon? Think Again!
Amazon Vape Pen Product Seller

In the Prohibited Products on Amazon section, you will clearly see a long list of vape products and accessories, includsing the following:

  • E-cigarettes
  • E-hookahs
  • Electronic pipes
  • Electronic cigars
  • New and replacement cartridges
  • Atomizers
  • Batteries
  • Clearomizers
  • Smoke juice or similar refill liquids

This seller of vape pens and electronic cigarettes is breaking the terms of service by Amazon. Proceed with caution, or better yet, run away as fast as you can. The seller might be shut down by Amazon at any point, which would leave you out of luck without the items you ordered. Worse, if they are willing to scam Amazon and disobey their guidelines, what makes you think they’re not going to be just as willing to scam you? Save yourself time and trouble. Go through a reputable dealer who isn’t making their money from breaking the rules of the site they’re using, so you can have confidence that they’re not going to break the rules on you too.

Vape Pen Reviews on Amazon

Take a look at the image below which displays the vape pen reviews on Amazon of this seller. Clearly, this seller is selling terrible products that are extremely low quality. This seller is purchasing very low quality products and selling them with absolutely no warranty or guarantee of the product features, durability, dependability or functionality. As we have already mentioned, beware of shopping for Vape Pens and Electronic Cigarettes on Amazon.

Buy a Vape Pen on Amazon? Think Again!
Amazon Vape Pen Product Reviews

So where should I go for my vape pens/e juice/accessories?

Well, we might be a little biased, but Slim Vape Pen is actually a fantastic place to get the vape pens and accessories you need, as well as delicious e juice to fill up your vape pen. We make sure to stock everything you are going to need for vaping, from the pens and starter kits to the replacement parts to the e juice to fill it up with. We even do mods!

How do I find high quality vape pen stuff?

Here at Slim Vape Pen, we seek out only the best quality products.

We are extremely picky about the products we sell. If it’s not good enough for us to use frequently, and if it’s not a product or a flavor that we look forward to picking up and vaping, then it’s definitely not good enough to send to you. This insistence on quality is just part of what makes our customers trust us so much. They know that when they get a product from Slim Vape Pen, it is going to meet their needs and fulfill their expectations. If you are wondering whether any particular product is going to meet your needs, take a look at the reviews our customers have put up for that product! We have a review process similar to Amazon’s where anyone who has bought the product can post a review about how it works for them and how they like it. So you can see exactly how other customers just like you have felt about that exact vape pen, starter kit, e juice flavor, etc. and get an idea about how well you will like it.

Do you know when Amazon is going to start selling vape pens? Nope!

We have not heard of any plans for Amazon to start allowing vape pen or e juice sales on their website. When and if they do, we will be there, offering our fantastic products in that venue as well. In the meantime, we strongly encourage you to take a look around, check out the different products we have to offer, and give some of them a try! There may be rules and regulations in place on Amazon to ban sales of Vape Pens and Ecigs because the FDA laws and regulations have not officially ben set in stone.

In any case, steer clear of sellers on Amazon as they could get shut down at any moment and not fulfill your shipment, take your money and run!