Building Vertical Coils with Kanthal

Single Vertical Chimney Builds with Kanthal Wire on Kayfun Atomizer

There are many different coil designs and options you can choose when working on RBA’s (Rebuildable Atomizers) and RDA’s (Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers). One of the most popular coil designs is the vertical coil. As the name suggests, this kind of coil build wraps in a vertical direction (Chimney Build) instead of a horizontal direction, and functions slightly differently from horizontal coils.

Building Vertical Coils with Kanthal
Vertical Kanthal Build

So why would you want to build a vertical coil?

Easy to change out wick

Especially for people who use cotton wicks, the ability to change out the wick is a very big deal. Cotton wicks tend to get gunked up quickly with e juice, and the easiest way to fix it and get back to vaping is to switch out the wick. Some people even use the vertical coil with an extra long cotton wick that they can pull through and trim as it gets dirty. This gives you the best vaping flavor long-term.

Great air flow

Vertical coils are best to use on atomizers that have bottom air flow. This way, the placement of the wick right over the air flow gives you an amazing draw and a really great taste to your e juice and your vapor. Whether you use silica, cotton, or Ekowool wicks, the air draw on vertical coils with bottom air flow vents is really fantastic.

Efficient use of space. Vertical coils take up less space than horizontal coils. Enough said.

Lower resistance

For people who like low-resistance coils, vertical coils offer the ability to build to lower resistances. This can be a really great feature depending on your own personal preferences for atomizer coil builds.

How to re wick

Vertical coils are extremely easy to re wick. Just make a small hook out of a bit of wire, push the wick down through the top of the coil, and fish it out through the bottom. Done!

Great taste

People who build vertical coils are unanimous in their love of the tastes they get. This is partially due to the way that the air flow goes straight under the wick and through the coil, and partially because of the way the e juice is delivered to the coil. Regardless of how it happens, one thing is for sure: vertical coils make for great tasting vapor.

When you are building your own atomizer coils for your vape pen mods, there are a lot of different options for how to do it. It is well worth looking into the pros and cons of the different designs. The vertical coil build for mods is a really great option that is convenient, useful, and gives great results. It is well worth giving it a try to see how it works for you!