Building a Nimbus RDA

Building a Nimbus RDA with Cotton

After you’ve been vaping for a while, the next step that many people take is to get into mods and to start building their own atomizer coils. The Nimbus RDA is a great choice if you are looking for maximum performance with your rebuildable dripping atomizer! The Nimbus RDA has awesome features such as spit back protection, dual insulation, flood protection, and a juice well. If you’ve ever been annoyed by your atomizer coil getting flooded and starting to spit little flecks of e juice into your mouth when you take a puff, you can imagine what a benefit these features would be. Enjoy vaping with peace of mind and consistent performance with the Nimbus RDA!

When you build your atomizer coil with the Nimbus RDA, you will find that you need to select a wick to use. There are a lot of different wicks to choose from, with the biggest distinction being between cotton and synthetic fibers. There are pros and cons to each kind of fiber, but we find at Slim Vape Pen that a lot of our customers really love using cotton wicks.

Building a Nimbus RDA
Nimbus RDA

Pros of using a cotton wick:

Great taste

With synthetic wicks, there’s a certain taste you might notice from puffing on them. It’s not a very strong taste, and most people don’t really think about it or care about it. However, for the true vaping connoisseur, it can make a big difference to have exactly the taste you want. Many of our customers report that cotton wicks let you taste the e juice purely without any taste from the wick.

Great wicking

Cotton wicks do a great job of wicking e juice. No worries about synthetics. If you search online for information about synthetic wicks, you might see some people who are concerned about miniscule particles of the wicks getting into people’s lungs. Whether or not synthetic wicks actually do this, you can rest assured that cotton wicks don’t have any such dangers. A lot of our more health-conscious customers choose cotton wicks specifically for this reason.

Cons of using a cotton wick:

Can dry out

Synthetic wicks tend to hold e juice better. Cotton wicks can get dry patches, so you have to make sure that they stay saturated all the time. It is definitely best to use cotton wicks in a bottom coil atomizer rather than a top coil, and if you do use them in a top coil you’ll need to make sure you always keep it pretty well full of e juice.

Longer drying time

When you switch e juice flavors, you’ll want to rinse out your wick to get the extra e juice out and make sure the flavor is pure and not mixed. With synthetic wicks, you can rinse it and just fire the atomizer until the wick is clear of old e juice. With cotton wicks, you have to actually wait for the wick to dry.

Can get a burned taste

Even though cotton wicks are lauded for not imparting a taste to your e juice, if you vape dry on accident the cotton can get a burned taste to it.

Whether you choose a cotton or a synthetic wick is a matter of personal taste. There’s really no right or wrong answer. A lot of our customers have been really happy using cotton wicks on their Nimbus RDAs, though, and we recommend you at least give it a try!