Bottom Coil Clearomizer VS Top Coil Clearomizer

How the Type of Clearomizers Affect Vaping

Because the wick is the delivery system of ejuice to the atomizer, the position and length of the wicks on your clearomizer can dramatically affect the vaping experience one will have. There are both pros and cons to the top and bottom coil clearomizers.

What is A Top Coil Clearnomizer?

A top coil clearomizer, also known as a top feed clearomizer, or simply top feeders is a clearomizer that has the atomizer (heating coil) at the top of the tank. The Top Coil Tanks have long wicks that droop down.

What is A Bottom Coil Clearnomizer?

A bottom coil clearomizer, also known as a bottom feed clearomizer, or bottom feeders, is a clearomizer that has the atomizer (heating coil) at the bottom of the tank. The Bottom Coil Clearomizer Tanks have very short wicks that are hard to see.

Top Coil Clearomizer Pros

  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to rebuild (atomizer)
  • Easy to refill
  • Good vaping / hits in the beginning

Top coil clearomizers are typically very easy to clean, which needs to be done every once in a while, especially in between changing flavors. Top feed clearomizers are also easy to rebuild when you need to take it apart and replace the atomizer. Note that some tanks are actually more difficult. Top feed clearomizers are also very easy to refill and offer a good vaping experience when you first get the tank (or when it has a fresh atomizer).

Bottom & Top Coil Clearomizers

Top Coil Clearomizer Cons

  • Less flavor
  • Burnt taste due to dry hits
  • Must keep wicks saturated with ejuice
  • Use a lot of ejuice
  • Leaking

Many users report a muted or less flavor in Top Coil Tanks than in Bottom Coil Tanks. One of the biggest complaints with Top Coil Clearomizers is the burnt taste from dry hits. With that said, this can also depend on the top coil tank you get. For example cheaper tanks like the CE4 tanks may give drier hits than other top coil tanks like the Vivi Novas. Many users combat the dry hits issue by continually swirling the pen or tilting the vape pen while vaping to saturate the wicks. Some users also complain that the top coil tanks use a lot of ejuice compared to bottom coil tanks. And finally, if the tank isn’t filled properly there can be an issue with leaking.

Bottom Coil Clearomizer Pros

  • Consistently great vaping / hits
  • Wicks are continually saturated (no burnt taste)
  • Good Flavor
  • Easy to Rebuild
  • No leaks if refilled correctly and not hit too hard

One of the best things about a Bottom Coil tank is that it has a consistently good vapor production and flavor. Every Hit will be very similar and taste good (until the very end of the atomizers lifespan). No more burnt taste and dry hits! The reason why it vapes so consistently well is that the wicks are constantly submerged in the ejuice (atomizer is at the bottom, ejuice lies on top, gravity forces constant penetration). Bottom feed tanks are also easy to rebuild (replace the atomizer). If the device is used correctly and filled correctly, you should not have any issues with bottom coil clearomizer tanks leaking. For example many users have noticed that the T3 tanks never leak.

Bottom Coil Clearomizer Cons

  • They may need to be cleaned more
  • Sometimes more difficult to refill
  • Flooding (Can flood if hit too hard/ Improper refilling)

Some drawbacks to this tank are that it may need to be cleaned more often than the top feed tanks because of the shorter wicks. It can also be more tedious to refill bottom feed tanks, but many users get used to it and it doesn’t seem like a big deal to many. One other disadvantage is that it can cause flooding if you puff too hard on your vape pen. Flooding happens when too much ejuice is sucked into the atomizer (heating element) which will cause a bad taste and hit. It can also leak into the mouthpiece and get into your mouth. Leaking can also happen if the bottom coil tank is not refilled correctly. Not all bottom coil clearomizers leak and if used correctly they almost never will.

Other Tradeoffs (depending on preference)

  • Bottom Coil Tanks: Cooler Vape
  • Top Coil Tanks: Warmer Vape

Some users say that Top Coils have a warmer vape and Bottom Coils have a cooler vape. This may be important to some, less to others. Some prefer the cooler on their throat, whereas others prefer a fuller flavor with the warmer vape. It all depends on personal preference. Also, the variable voltage vape pens, along with the type of ejuice that is used, can control the cool or warm vape.

As you can see, the bottom coil clearomizer tanks offer some key benefits over top coil clearomizer tanks, and as such many who try both will mostly favor the bottom coil tanks. In our opinion, the bottom coil tanks are the future of vaping and are our preferred choice.