Black Friday Vape Deals 2015

Black Friday Vape Deals 2015 (50% OFF E-JUICE)

We seriously blew the socks off last years 2014 Black Friday Vape Deal with this one!

Stock Up for the Holidays with our Black Friday Vape Deals!

Coupon Code for Black Friday 2015: “blackfridayvape”

On this Black Friday in 2015, save money on the vape pens E-Juice you love and accessories you need for everyone on your Christmas list! It’s time to stock up for the holidays or for your personal stash, and we have massive savings to help you start off your shopping right. Last years Black Friday Vape Deals for 2014, we had a deal that was 25% off. Well, we don’t know how we are going to top this years Black Friday Vape Deals because is is astronomically low! This year for Black Friday we are giving 50% OFF ALL EJUICE. Yes, you read that right! 50% OFF ALL EJUICE for Black Friday 2015. HUGE VAPE DEALS over here folks.

Black Friday Vape Deals 2015

Vape pens for everyone on your gift list

We have the vape supplies you need for all the cloud chasing friends and relations on your Santa list this year. Whether they love to tinker with vape pen mods and customize their vaping experience in every way possible, or want it to work the first time around with zero hassle, you can be sure of getting the perfect gift. We have a massive selection of all sorts of vaping gifts, including:

  • Ready to go vape pen kits – choose from eGo, EVOD, eGo Twist, Vision Spinner, and much more!
  • Mods for the cloud chasers – we have a wide variety of mechanical mods and clones
  • RBAs – rebuildable tank atomizers
  • RDAs – rebuildable dripping atomizers
  • Wicks – cotton, synthetic, or EcoWool
  • Coil wire – available in all gauge sizes
  • E juice – we’re running a 50% off e juice sale so you can stock up for yourself as well as for all your favorite gift recipients

Great ideas for gift packages

While we can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t be thrilled to get a vape pen, e juice, or a shiny new mod, everything’s better in a wrapped set. Fill out a vape pen starter kit with a few bottles of some different flavors of e juice, so the lucky recipient can try them all and decide which is his or her favorite. Or make an unexpected mod/atomizer combo and stock your loved ones up with all the wick and wire they’ll need to keep vaping for a long time.

Vape pen starter kits

Our vape pen starter kits make a fantastic gift for newbie vapers and experienced cloud chasers alike. Vape pen starter kits allow you to set up your vape pen and start using it practically immediately, with no specialized knowledge needed about building coils or putting in wicks. Just charge it up, pour in the e juice, and enjoy!

Here at Slim Vape Pen, we have many different vape pen starter kits for you to choose from, so you can be sure to get the perfect gift for the holidays.

You can go with one of our basic, no-frills models such as the EVOD or the eGo – these perform beautifully and give you delicious vapor, and have nothing at all for you to have to mess with to make them go. You push the button and they work – simple as that!

For someone who likes a little more control over their vaping experience, the eGo Twist or the VisionSpinner are great options. These are vape pens that let you control how much power is produced every time you push the button. Dial the voltage down and you get a cool, thin vapor that is perfect for vaping discreetly, or any time when you are going to be vaping for a long time and don’t want to get overly nicotine-ed. Turn the voltage up and you get huge clouds of deliciously warm vapor. Or settle for somewhere in the middle, to get vape volume and taste that is just right.

One of the great things about variable voltage is that it actually does dramatically change the flavor of the vapor. Different flavors of e juice have different “sweet spots” were the vapor tastes the best. Variable voltage vape pens let you play around with each flavor and find exactly where it tastes best to you.

Our vape pen starter kits come with everything you need to get started vaping, making it a complete all in one gift. You’ll get:

  • A battery (or two or three, depending on the starter kit you choose)
  • An atomizer tank (again, the starter kit you select will tell you how many tanks it comes with)
  • A USB charger cord
  • A wall adapter for the charger
  • A carrying case
  • And a FREE bottle of e juice!

Mods, RBAs, and RDAs

We also have a huge selection of mods, RBAs, and RDAs. If you have a hard core cloud chaser on your holiday list, chances are they have their eye on one of the fantastic mods that we have in stock here at Slim Vape Pen. We have a wide selection of name-brand mods and clones, so you can be sure of getting a great mod that fits in your holiday budget. And with our huge savings on Black Friday 2015 vape deals, the prices are twice as nice!

Mechanical mods let you choose the battery that you use, and thus give you near-total control over the electricity production of your vape pen. RBAs and RDAs, meanwhile, let you build your own coil and choose your own kind of wick, to let you enjoy the perfect vapor every time. Whether you are treating yourself or stuffing a loved one’s stocking, these are gift ideas that are sure to go over big.

While you’re at it, don’t forget the accessories! You can’t have too much wire and wick. They’re inexpensive (especially with our super 2015 Black Friday vape sales) and they make amazing stocking stuffers!

50% OFF E JUICE for Black Friday 2015

Black Friday Vape Deals 2015

Black Friday E-Juice Vape Deals 2015

Everyone’s feeling jolly about our Black Friday E Juice Sale! With 50% off all your favorite flavors of e juice, you can hit everyone on your gift list and also treat yourself while you’re at it. After all, you’re the one who knows what’s on your wish list better than anyone. Whether you go for sweet dessert flavors, fruity flavors, sophisticated flavors, or traditional tobacco flavors, you will cheer for the super savings on our famous USA-made premium e juice.

You can get our e juice in your choice of nicotine concentrations: 24 mg, 12 mg, 6 mg, and 0 mg if you just want pure flavor. You can also mix different concentrations of e juice to get a custom concentration that is perfect for you.

Don’t miss our Black Friday Vape Deals 2015, your chance to stock up for the holidays!