Best Vape Pens in 2014

Even though there’s a ton of people raving about vape pen mods, like the ProVari and Panzer mechanical mod, these vaporizer devices tend to be too complex for the average user or for those who are just starting out.

So what is the best vape pen for beginners?

There are many choices out there for a beginner vaper. There are a few I would recommend, such as the ego vape pen with a T3 tank, an evod, or a Protank vape pen.  All three of these will offer great performance and durability. If you just want something that will work and be ready for you right when you get it, I would recommend a vape pen starter kit with E Juice for intro into the vaping world.

Picking the Best Vape Pen in 2014

This industry is growing like crazy, and so are the vape pen choices we have now. It is hard to whittle down such a large list to the top vape pens. Even though I listed a mere 3 different vape pens, there are many, many more out there that would make my top favorite vape pens. There are just some things to consider when looking for a good vape pen. For one, what makes a vape pen good comes down to the vapor production along with some other subtle aspects, such as how easily gets clogged, how the taste is, if it leaks, how long the battery might last, etc.

The best vape pens have a lot of vapor production

The true cloud chasers are going to be users seeking vape pen mods, but these are often more advanced then the beginner user wants to deal with, or even an accustomed or advanced user would want to deal with.

Even though a standard vape pen won’t give you crazy amounts of vapor production like a vape mod would, if you choose the right personal vape pen, it should give you more than enough vapor production for your needs as a beginner, or even as a veteran vaper. The thing is, vape pens are evolving at such a rapid rate that the non-mod devices like the regular vape pens are catching up to the mods!

When searching for the best vape pen, you will want to first look at the tank. Is the atomizer on the top or bottom? If it is on the bottom, this is called BCC (bottom coil clearomizer), and these typically give the best vapor performance over its nemesis, the top coil clearomizer.

When looking for the best vape pen you aren’t going to solely look at the vapor production, however this is one of the most important aspects when considering what vape pen to buy.

What else Influences a vape pen’s vapor production?

Best Vape Pens in 2014
Vape Starter Kit With E Juice

You’ll also have to consider that the type of e juice you’re using will largely effect how big of big clouds you’ll get and the overall performance of your vape pen.  For example if you use a low quality ejuice, the vape pen will probably not give you substantial vape clouds. There is an exception to this however. The vapor thickness and fullness also depends on the blend of ejuice.

If your e juice is more PG compared to VG (proclaim glycol and vegetable glycerin), the juice will give a tastier vape, but less than fulfilling vape clouds. If your juice is more VG, it will typically give you a thicker more full cloud. Some don’t like PG because they are sensitive to it or it will give a thinner lackluster cloud, whereas others like it because it gives a better taste.

With that said, just because a particular e juice gives you thinner clouds does not mean that it is low-quality e juice, as it may be a PG dominant blend (that may be very high quality).

Other things that influence the vape pen’s vapor production are the cartomizer or clearomizer tanks you are using, along with the voltage, wattage and Ohms you are working with.

If you are just getting into vaping, don’t worry about these as much right now, as you can get a starter kit that has a vape vape pen that will have all this technical vape stuff figured out for you.

The best vape pens are easy to use and refill

When you are just starting out in the world of vaping, you don’t want to have to deal with figuring out your wattage, ohms, voltage, etc.  Most people just want something that will work, and work well. They want a vape pen starter kit where they don’t have to mess with it constantly.

One reason we like vape pens and vape starter kits that have the the ego and evod varieties are because these vape pens are super easy to operate as, all you have to is basically screw the tank on the battery, fill the tank, press the button, and you’re good to go. Of course there is also a safety mechanism on all batteries, where you just press a button five times to turn on your personal vaporizer, then you can press once more to start vaping.

The T3 tank, the evod tank, and the protanks (along with many other BCC tanks) are very easy to refill.  All you need to do is pour the e juice down the side, making sure you don’t get the eliquid down the center airhole.

The best vape pens are very reliable

Nobody wants to buy a vape pen that breaks after two weeks!  Of course you need to take certain simple steps to maintain your vape pen, but if you take those easy steps like keeping your vaporizer clean and making sure it doesn’t get clogged, you shouldn’t have any issues with the reliability (assuming you chose a good vape pen in the first place!)

The best vape pens have a suitable battery life

The great thing about vape pens compared to the tiny little e-cigs, is that the battery is going to typically last you much longer because it is simply a bigger, higher capacity battery. They have more milliamps, abbreviated as mAh (which basically means you can use it longer in between charges when you have a higher mAh. Most people starting out vaping, will want to get at least a 650Milliamps battery as this is all you will probably need (especially if you get a vape pen starter kit because you get two!). However, if you plan on vaping a lot, you can get all the way up to 1100 milliamps or more.