Best E Juice Vape 2015

Variable Voltage is the new Standard for Vape Pens in 2015

The Vapen Spin 3 and the Vision Spinner 2 take the cake in 2015 for the best E Juice Vape Pen! There’s always new technology coming out for vape pens, and that means there are always new vape pens to try. We are always looking for the best new vape pens to bring you, and we’ve been getting a lot of questions about what the hot new e juice vape pens are going to be for 2015. Here are our top picks for the best e juice vape pens in 2015!

Vision Spinner 2 Vape Pen

(1600 mAh Battery Performance)

With a sleek design and amazing functionality, the Vision Spinner 2 is an improvement on our go-to eGo-T and eGo Twist vape pen that has won so many loyal fans due to its ease of use and reliability. It takes our standard vape pen and adds a huge amount of power and variable voltage to it. Now you can pick the exact voltage level you want for each puff (click by click). No matter what situation you are in, how long you need your battery to last, or what flavor of e juice you are using, you can choose the perfect power level for your needs. The Vision Spinner 2 Battery is a power house that is sure to have you vaping for hours on end with no lag in performance.

Vapen Spin 3 Vape Pen

(2200 mAh Battery Performance)

The Vapen Spin 3 is the next step up from the Vision Spinner 2. It has a more powerful battery and is a bit bigger in size and length, and all the internal electronics and working parts have been improved to give a better, more accurate controllable vape experience with variable voltage. This is variable voltage as you have never experienced it before! The Vapen Spin 3 is a great new product with variable voltage, which fixes some problems that the previous models of vape pen batteries such as the vape pen batteries without adjustable voltage and power controls. The Vapen Spin 3 will give you a great new vaping experience and will last you your entire 9 – 5 work shift without any problems in power lag. With the Vapen Spin 3, you have even greater control over your vaping, not to mention better battery life and a much stronger, more reliable vape pen. This is a must-have for anybody who loves vaping!

Best E Juice Vape 2015

What makes the best E Juice Vape Pen and Why?

Bigger Battery Capacity

The Vision Spinner 2 and the Vapen Spin 3 have a much larger battery capacity. This means that this battery is one of the biggest and strongest batteries we offer here at Slim Vape Pen. The 1600mAh and 2200 mAh battery power can easily last for an entire day of vaping, or even longer. Of course, the exact length of time your battery lasts depends on the voltage you choose. Higher voltage means that your battery will need to be charged sooner. Lower voltage means that you will be able to vape longer before you have to recharge your battery.

The 1600mAh and 2200 mAh battery capacity also gives the potential for higher voltage per puff. Of course, there is a limit to how much voltage can safely go through the coil because of the coil design itself. The Vision Spinner 2 and the Vapen Spin 3 batteries are designed to work with standard eGo and 510 threaded atomizer coils, but you can also use these batteries with rebuildable atomizer coils to further customize your vaping experience.

Longer Battery Life

Every vape pen battery has an upper limit of how many times it can be recharged before you have to replace it. With most regular vape pen batteries, you can count on about six months of heavy, regular use before your battery starts to lose charge and needs to be replaced. The Vision Spinner 2 and the Vapen Spin 3 batteries are designed to handle about 500 recharge cycles. If you recharge it every single day (which would be some pretty serious vaping, considering the 1600mAh and 2200 mAh battery capacity), these batteries should still last you almost two years.

Of course, the total battery life also depends on how hard you use your battery. If you discharge your battery completely, this helps to prolong the battery life and keep its charging “memory” at maximum capacity, just like any other electronic device. If you keep it on the charger after it is already fully charged, this will put extra strain on the battery and shorten its life.

Improved control dial

The control dial has been redesigned and upgraded with the Vision Spinner 2 and the Vapen Spin 3. It is now easier to change the voltage, and more comfortable to use. There is also built-in protection against accidental adjustments, so you do not have to worry about the voltage setting changing in your pocket or purse. When you set the voltage on the Vision Spinner 2 and the Vapen Spin 3, it will stay there until you change it.

A Must Have in 2015 on a Vape Pen: Variable Voltage!

Variable voltage vape pens have been around for a while, and their popularity is only going up. It is great to be able to change the voltage of your vape pen when you need to. Sometimes you might want big clouds of vapor. Other times you might want to be able to vape more discreetly. You might need to dial your voltage down so your battery lasts until you have a chance to recharge it again. Or you might have a flavor of e juice that tastes perfect at one voltage level and doesn’t taste so good when it is vaped hotter. There are many different reasons why you would want to be able to control the level of voltage in your vape pen. It just makes sense – you can set it exactly where you want it to be, instead of making do with pre-existing factory settings.

Different e juice flavors taste differently when they are vaped with different coil temperatures. Some e juice flavors have a thinner taste when you vape them cooler. You will probably want to turn the voltage up on these flavors so you can experience a fuller, richer taste with them. With other e juice flavors, higher voltages might make the taste too strong or overpowering. Dialing back the voltage a little bit can give them the mellower flavor you are looking for. The power is in your hands. Experiment and find the perfect setting for each of your favorite e juice flavors!

If you are looking for awesome control over your vaping experience, plus more power and reliability in your vape pen, the Vision Spinner 2 and the Vapen Spin 3 are the vape pens for you!