Best Black Friday E Juice Deals 2015

Best Black Friday E Juice Deals 2015 (50% OFF EJUICE)

Stock up on E-Juice with the 2015 Black Friday E-Juice Sale

Here at Slim Vape Pen, we take Black Friday shopping seriously and we know you do too. That is why we have the best Black Friday Vape Deals in 2015. On Black Friday, stay out of the crowds and save online with huge savings on vape pens, mods, and accessories, and with 50% off all flavors of e juice! It’s the best time to stock up for the holidays, so get in the holiday spirit with super deals on all your vape pen necessities. Take 50% off our E Juice Variety Packs in all sizes. Last year, we had a pretty big Black Friday Vape Deal for 2014, but this year we seriously tore that to shreds with this new deal.

Best Black Friday E Juice Deals 2015
Black Friday E-Juice Vape Deals 2015


  • Black Friday Deal #1. E Juice Varity Pack (10 E-Juices)
  • Black Friday Deal #2. E Juice Variety Pack (5 E-Juices)
  • Black Friday Deal #3. ALL E JUICE FLAVORS

Black Friday E Juice Deals

Save 50% on all our e juice on Black Friday. We offer premium, USA-made e juice choices that will delight your taste buds and make your wallet happy too. And with 50% savings, you can buy yourself some too, so you know you’ll be set all through the holiday celebrations with the delicious e juice flavors you crave.

You won’t find a better selection of e juice flavors anywhere. Whether you have a sweet tooth, a fruity craving, or a taste for the familiar flavor of tobacco, we’ve got e juice flavors that will keep you coming back for more. We have dessert flavors such as key lime pie and apple pie, candy flavors such as toffee, gummy bears, and cotton candy, and fruit flavors such as pina colada and blueberry. Or if your tastes lean to the more sophisticated side, you might love our vanilla bourbon flavor or any of our wonderful coffee flavors. And if you have recently switched from cigarettes and still miss the taste of old-fashioned tobacco smoke, you’ll be able to find e juice flavors that taste just like your favorite brands of cigarettes, without any of the guilt.

Nicotine concentration options

Whether you are buying for yourself or for everyone on your holiday shopping list, you will find nicotine concentrations to fulfill every craving. For the heavy ex-smoker, 36 mg nicotine concentration is a heavy hitter with a throat burn that will knock your socks off! The next level down, 24 mg, is also recommended for people who are used to smoking quite a lot of cigarettes. 12 mg is our most popular concentration, and is the concentration that we typically send as standard in our free e juice samples (they come in the vape pen starter kits – one free bottle with every starter kit). 6 mg is light, just enough to satisfy a craving but not enough to notice too much. And for those who love the taste and feel of vaping but who don’t want to be dependent on nicotine, our 0mg nicotine option gives pure, wonderful flavor.

Many people scale back their nicotine consumption after they stop smoking.  Vape pens give you the option to gradually decrease your nicotine usage, so you can get off your nicotine dependence without having to go through withdrawal. It’s a great way to have your cake and eat it too, as the saying goes. So if you or someone on your list is working on getting away from nicotine, treat them (or yourself) to the delicious way to quit!

Our e juice guarantee

Best Black Friday E Juice Deals 2015
Nicoclean Premium E Juice

All the e juice we offer is made in the USA with the highest quality ingredients. The PG (propylene glycol), VG (vegetable glycerin), and flavoring are all USDA certified to be food grade, meaning that you could ingest them with no ill effects. Don’t actually ingest your e juice, though, especially because nicotine concentrate is not safe to ingest.

Many e juice users worry about imported e juice, or imported ingredients for e juice, because manufacturing regulations are different in other countries than in the US. This has led to concerns that imported e juice might have unlisted chemicals that could cause harmful effects. At Slim Vape Pen, we guarantee that all our e juice is made in the USA with ingredients that are sourced in the USA. You know exactly what you are putting into your body, because our e juice manufacturing follows the highest regulatory requirements every step of the way.

50% Savings for Black Friday 2015

This Black Friday, enjoy 50% off ALL e juice, and save on our entire selection of vape pens, mods, and accessories. You can stuff everyone’s stockings with the gifts they really want, and treat yourself while you’re at it, all for a low price that will make even the Scroogiest of wallets smile.

Gift ideas for the holidays 2015

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for someone special on your list, we can help you out with that here at Slim Vape Pen. You can’t go wrong with the gift of vaping!

  • Vape pen starter kit: Our starter kits come with everything you need to vape right away: battery, atomizer, USB charger, wall converter, carrying case, and a free bottle of e juice. Finish out the gift with some extra bottles of e juice (so they have a choice) and a pack of replacement atomizers.
  • Mod starter kit: For the serious cloud chaser, we can hook you up with everything they need to build an awesome mod: mechanical mod, battery, atomizer (RBA or RDA), charger, wire, wick, and e juice. You should drop some sly hints about what exactly they look for in a mod, since people who build their own often have opinions about these things.
  • Stocking stuffers: Spoil the vape pen aficionados on your list with enough supplies to keep them vaping happily well into the new year. Items like replacement atomizers, extra wire, wicks, and e juice are always appreciated.
  • Give the gift of discovery! Whether your loved one clings to cigarettes like a security blanket or can’t bring themselves to vape with anything but vanilla e juice, give them something they wouldn’t buy for themselves. Let them experience something new this holiday season. With our huge savings at Slim Vape Pen, you can’t go wrong!