Benefits of Vape Mods

Vape Mods have become of the most amazing way to produce vapor in the vaping community lately. Advanced vapers revere these “unregulated” mods not only for the control it gives them, but also for their simplicity, durability, reliability, and aesthetics.

What is a Mechanical Vape Mod?

In the world of vaping, a pure mechanical mod is as basic as it gets. No wiring or soldering. No circuitry or electronics.  No variable voltage/ variable wattage. At the most primal level, a mechanical mod vape is just a tube with a button that holds a replaceable, rechargeable battery. On most mechanical mods there are two screws. One on the t0p and one on the bottom. The top button touches the battery positive/atomizer. The one on the bottom touches the battery negative/ground. When you press the switch the mechanical mod delivers an unregulated current to the atomizer producing the vapor.

With mechanical vape mods what you get, and all you get, is the voltage of the battery or batteries. For example, a single 3.7 volt with 2 batteries will net you a total 7.4 volts depending on your device’s charge. The span of usable battery life depends on the rating of mAh of the battery or batteries. For instance an 18650mAh battery will outlast an 18000mAh even if both of the batteries are 3.7 volt.

Benefits of Vape Mods

Vape Mods are ideal for Rebuildable Atomizer (RBA) Users

For vapers who prefer rebuildable atomizers, mechanical vape mods are a Godsend.  They need no longer worry about advanced circuitry flashing error codes with them.

When rebuilding their atomizers, Rebuildable Atomizer (RBA) users often times have to fire their vape mods and examine how the coil is performing and make adjustments accordingly. Variable voltage or variable wattage mods may display an error message or stop working altogether if there is an issue or a problem. Not so with the mechanical vape mod.  It will fire regardless.  This is ideal for atomizer rebuilders, as it allows them to make adjustment on the fly.  There’s no need to wait for your device to reset or clear codes.  This makes rebuilding the atomizer a less painful, less time-consuming, thus more enjoyable experience.

Low Resistance Vaping with Vape Mods

Arguably the number one benefit of mechanical vape mods is extremely low resistance vaping (sub-ohm vaping).  Whereas variable voltage/wattage or regulated mods will display an error message or shut off completely if the resistance is too low or the drain on the battery to high, mechanical mods are unencumbered by this limitation. No matter what, because of the simplicity of their design, mechanical mods will fire every time regardless if the resistance is “too low,” safety limits of the battery, or even if the item is completely shorted out.

However, be advised that this benefit of the mechanical vape mod is a double-edged sword.  Extremely low resistance vaping puts a great deal of stress on the mechanical mods battery.  Improperly done, this could cause battery failure resulting in harm to yourself others and properly.  Because of this, new vapers are often advised to shy away from low resistance vaping.  Low resistant vapers should be equipped with a better than average knowledge of concepts such as Ohm’s Law, battery “C” ratings, and amperage calculations, as well as a thorough understanding of how these concepts interact together.

Reliability, Durability, and Maintenance

If you’ve been a vape pen mod user for a significant amount of time, chances are that somewhere in your home there exists a drawer filled with any number of regulated, variable voltage , or variable wattage mods which have, at some point or another failed you in some way, shape, or form.  It’s highly unlikely that your drawer of dilapidated, decrepit mods will ever enjoy the company of a mechanical mod.

Their advanced circuitry makes regulated, variable voltage, and variable wattage mods susceptible to failure.  With so much going on inside, this should hardly be surprising.  The simple design of the mechanical mod almost grants it an exemption.  Sure they fail sometimes, however, the same simple design makes them extremely easy for even the novice vaper to fix.  Sadly this is not the case with the other types of vape mods.  Their intricate design makes them very difficult to fix – if they can be fixed at all.

Durability is also a key benefit of the mechanical mod.  High-quality mechanical mods are virtually indestructible. In the nuclear winter we all hope never happens, it is quite likely that the sole roaches left will be vaping on our mechanical mods while snacking on our Twinkies.

One other consideration to keep in mind, also, is that the durability, easy maintenance, and reliability of a mechanical mod are sure to make your wallet happy.

Vape Mods have Style

Vape Mods

Face it, mechanical vape mods just plain look good. They are to vapers today what the gold or silver cigarette case was to the smokers of yesteryear. They just make you look that much cooler when chasing your clouds. Free from gaudy screens, awkward wired buttons, and distracting displays, mechanical vape mods have a sleek, stylish, and often time, industrial look to them. Whether you choose classic chrome, basic black, sleek silver, racy red, or any number of the ever-increasing customized mechanical mods out there, you’ll always be vaping in style.

Mechanical Vape Mods Do’s and Don’ts

As with any vape pen mod, there are certain important things to keep in mind when vaping with a mechanical mod.  Specifically, mechanical mod vapers want to:

  • Do regularly check for short circuits and atomizer resistance.
  • Do be sure that your mechanical mod has vent holes.
  • Do use only the protected batteries or better (if using safe chemistry batteries).
  • Do not use the battery when it is not totally discharged.
  • Do not stack batteries.
  • Do not invert the battery.
  • Do not charge excessively to the battery.
  • Do not accidently fire your mechanical mod.

If your vaping pleasure is dependent on regulated voltage, device readouts (battery life, ohms, voltage, etc…), the ability to adjust your vape on the fly (variable/voltage wattage), or extra circuit protection (overheat, short circuit, or the like), than a mechanical vape mod is definitely not for you. However, if, when “getting your vape on,” you enjoy durability, simple design, low maintenance, rebuildables, extremely low resistance vaping, and vaping in style, you’ve just found your preferred vape mod.

As always, Happy Vaping.