Benefits of a Vape Pen Starter Kit

So you want to get started vaping?

The wide range of choices available are overwhelming to many people, who want to make sure that they get something they will be happy with for the start-up cost. That is why Slim Vape Pen offers vape starter kits to make your decisions simple and easy, and to get you started vaporizing without all the confusion about what parts and products to buy, what features you’re going to want, and all of the other aspects of vaping that you will be familiar with by the time you have been doing it for a while.

Our eGo Starter Kit and EVOD Starter Kit gives you some of our most popular products, which are simple to use with instructions that are easy to understand and follow. The EGO and EVOD Starter Kits are among the most popular on the market today! They both have 510 and EGo threading which makes them universal to just about any additional vape pen clearomizer tanks. Some of the main clearomizer tanks out that fit these threads all Kanger Tech Tanks, including the Unitank, Pro Tank, Pro Tank 2, T3, T3S, MT3  Clearomizer Tank and many more. You really cant go wrong with and EVOD or EGO Starter Kit, they really are the best!

Benefits of a Vape Pen Starter Kit

With a vape pen starter kit, you will get an awesome atomizer – specifically, a clearomizer that lets you see the flavored e-juice that you use to fill up your vape pen – a lithium ion battery, a recharger USB cord, and a bottle of our favorite e-juice blend good for many refills of your vape pen.

The Slim Vape Pen eGo T starter kit gives you some of our most popular products, which are simple to use with instructions that are easy to understand and follow. You will be able to get started vaping, learn to use the system, and build a knowledge base that you can expand later if you decide you want vape pens with different features. Also, the eGo systems are fully interchangeable with one another, so if you decide that you want a different style of atomizer or battery, you will be able to buy the single part without having to shell out for an entirely new kit each time.

Why choose a vape pen starter kit?

There are many benefits to vaporizing as opposed to smoking. Your clothes will no longer smell like cigarette smoke. In fact, the scent of vaping e-juice is very light and pleasant, with many different flavors, and it does not leave any lingering smell. Someone standing a few feet away from you will probably not even be able to smell the vapor at all. Also, vape pens are legal in most public places, so you can enjoy vaporizing in restaurants, in stores, in office buildings, and most places where you might be.

If you have any questions about starter kits, you can read our vape pen “FAQ Page” or check out our starter kits today!