4nine Vape Pen Mod Review

4nine Mechanical Vape Pen Mod Review

4nine Vape Pen Mod Review
4nine Mechanical Mod with Kayfun V4

Customize your 4nine mechanical mod with a vape pen mod starter kit from Slim Vape Pen

If you’re looking for a miniscule mod that still packs a punch, the 4nine mod is the thing for you! With a variety of battery options and incredibly small styling, the 4nine can best be described as “cute.” Very, very cute.

  • Modular tube
  • Hybrid connection without center post
  • Brass top cap and switch
  • Magnetic switch

Modular tube

4nine Mechanical Mod

The modular tube lets you choose your battery size: 18350, 18500, or 18650. If you use the 18350 setup, the whole apparatus literally fits into the palm of your hand!

Hybrid connection

The 4nine mod features an innovative new hybrid connection that does away with the center post. This lets you have the excellent connection you need while scaling down on the size of the mod. It’s all about efficiency!

Brass top cap and switch

It’s all about style and durability with the 4nine, and brass is a great metal for your vape pen mod because it does not tarnish or get any unsightly coating on it, but it still has the warm look of copper.

Magnetic switch

4nine Vape Pen Mod Review
4nine Mechanical Mod

Enjoy the definitive click of the magnetic switch on the 4nine vape pen mod. It just feels good!

What are vape pen mods?

Vape pen mods are vape pens that you can completely customize. You choose the battery casing, the atomizer style, the wick, and even the kind of battery you use. One of the biggest attractions of a vape pen mod is that you get to build your own atomizer coils.

Why not just use a premade vape pen?

When you build your own atomizer coil, you get to completely control the amount and quality of the vapor. Most people use vape pen mods to get a lot more vapor than they would be able to get from a regular ready-to-use atomizer. There is a whole world of vape pen fans who do complicated math calculations to figure out the exact maximum amount of power they can send through their coils without damaging them.

Once you get into vape pen mods, you have entered a wonderful world of fascination sometimes bordering on obsession.