Strawberry Banana E Juice


Taste the absolute amazing flavor of Strawberry Banana e juice today!  This beautiful blend of strawberries and bananas will have you feeling like you are sipping on a Strawberry Banana smoothie.

  • Bottle Size: 15ml


Strawberry Banana

Say no more! Taste the amazing Strawberry Banana e juice today!

If you are a fan of anything “strawberries and bananas”, you will be delighted with the Strawberry Banana e juice from Nicoclean Premium Hand Crafted E Juice. The Strawberry Banana e juice is something like a refreshing Strawberry Banana smoothie. Not only is the Strawberry Banana e juice mouthwatering and absolutely delicious, but the flavors combine to create an unreal experience.

Experience the flavor of the amazing Strawberry Banana e juice today!

Nicoclean Strawberry Banana E Juice

Nicoclean Strawberry Banana E Juice

The two flavors of  strawberries and bananas, together create a perfect combination of sweet and tropical. No need to dice up strawberries and bananas, chop up ice cubes and add milk on this one. Nicoclean has done all the work for you, creating this beautiful blend of strawberries and bananas. Nicoclean has really put together a masterpiece on this one, creating an amazing work of art in the Strawberry Banana e juice.

With flavors that include a strawberry banana milk shake and strawberry banana smoothie, its hard to tell exactly which one its closer too. It is up to you, to decide which one you think it represents better. Regardless of whether its a  strawberry banana milk shake or a strawberry banana smoothie, its one of the best e juice flavors we have had the opportunity to try here at Slim Vape Pen.

The strawberry banana e juice on the first pull of your vape pen or mod has a sweet strawberry taste and on the exhale you can taste the smoothie like, rich and creamy flavor. This is a must have for anyone, looking for a little something extra to add to their vape pen starter kit.