Spearmint E Juice


In our Premium Candy E Juice Line, the Spearmint E Juice is one of the most bold with a massive burst of cool, crisp and refreshing mint flavors. As soon as you vape this amazing e juice, you will notice the amount of sweet spearmint flavor with a icy cool rush of mint undertones.


Nicoclean Spearmint E Juice

Sweet Mint Combined with a kick of Refreshing Cool Aftertaste

Enjoy the minty-fresh flavor of spearmint! Breath mints are great, but think about how the minty tingle would feel going down your esophagus into your lungs and then tell us that spearmint e juice wouldn’t be better! If you are looking for a fresh, cooling, refreshing flavor to enjoy in your vape pen, you can’t go wrong with Nicoclean Spearmint E Juice.

Spearmint is a plant that grows wild in many parts of the United States, making this a native flavor with a great history. Medicinally, it is known for settling upset stomachs, killing pathogens, and treating bug bites (though our spearmint flavored e juice isn’t going to do any of those things, so please don’t try). People have been enjoying the taste and benefits of spearmint since time immemorial here, and as far as we can tell a vape pen is just as good a way to indulge in the taste of spearmint as any.

Of course, it’s not just the spearmint flavor that we’re excited about here. We’re really thrilled to bring you this e juice because it combines one of our all-time favorite flavors with one of the best brands of e juice we have ever tasted! Nicoclean Premium E Juice is:

  • Made in America
  • Made of food-grade ingredients
  • Great tasting
  • Bottled in glass bottles

Made in America

There are stringent manufacturing regulations for e juice here in the USA. The regulations for importing e juice through Customs are not as stringent. As a result, imported e juice can be, and often is, far lower quality than e juice that is made here in America. Rest assured that your e juice doesn’t have any mystery chemicals in it when you enjoy Nicoclean e juice!

Made of food-grade ingredients

All the ingredients that go into Nicoclean e juice, except the nicotine concentrate, are certified food grade by the FDA. The only reason the nicotine concentrate is not food grade because nicotine is not food; in fact, it is toxic if you ingest it. Of course, this is fine with us because we know that e juice is for vaping, not for drinking, anyway.

  • Great tasting: The flavor blends they come up with at Nicoclean really are the best out there. If you’re anything like us, you are going to be sold from the first puff.
  • Bottled in glass bottles: For maximum flavor and purity, your Nicoclean e juice comes in a glass bottle. This keeps petrochemicals from leaching out into your e juice and really just makes it taste better.