Cherry Cigar


You can enjoy the experience of a cherry flavored cigar with all the convenience and benefits of a vape pen. This is a flavor that really has to be experienced, and once you try it we are certain you are not going to be disappointed at all! It is sweet without being overpoweringly sweet, making it the perfect balance for a nice all-day vape.


Nicoclean Cherry Cigar

Sweet Cherry Combined with a Bold Cigar Flavor

You’re wanting to take a nice deep puff on your vape pen, but you’re wanting a flavor that’s going to be more sophisticated than something fruity or overly sweet. Nicoclean Cherry Cigar E Juice is just the thing for you at this moment. If you’ve given up regular tobacco, rest assured that you can still enjoy the flavor you crave with this fantastic e juice flavor. It really does taste like a cherry cigar! The sweet, fruity notes balance out the richer taste of the tobacco for a perfect flavor that gives you the best of all worlds.

Here at Slim Vape Pen, we are proud to carry Nicoclean e juice

This is a high quality e juice that is 100% made in the USA, so you know it was produced in compliance with the strictest of manufacturing regulations. This translates into higher quality e juice for you! It even comes in a glass bottle, so you know it did not have petrochemicals leached into it from the bottle as it traveled to you. Glass is inert and does not interact with the things that it holds, which makes it perfect for keeping things like e juice perfectly pure and delicious. Give Nicoclean e juice a try, and we are certain you will be hooked! Bringing you the best quality vaping supplies we can find at affordable low prices is just what we do here at Slim Vape Pen, and Nicoclean Premium USA-Made E Juice is just part of a proud tradition