Blue Combo Starter Kit (Dry Herb / Wax / e juice)


aGo G5 3 in 1 Specs and Starter Kit Items

  • (1) 900 mAh battery
  • (1) Dry herb chamber – Dry Herb
  • (1) Concentrate chamber – Wax
  • (1) Ce5 Clearomizer – E Juice
  • (1) G5 Battery
  • (1) AC Adapter
  • (1) USB Charger
  • (1) Chamber connector piece
  • (1) Ceramic Dry Herb Filter
  • (1) Mouth Piece
  • (1) Cleaning Brush
  • (1) Packing Tool
  • (1) Spring
  • (1) Ceramic Heating Chamber / Heating Element
  • 510 threading
  • LCD battery indicator/draw counter


3 in 1 Vape Pen Starter Kit

The aGo G5 3 in 1 is by far the most versatile vape pen you can find

  • 900 mAh battery: When you’re switching back and forth between e juice, wax concentrate, and dry herbs, you need a powerful battery that is going to be able to last for as long as you want to use it.
  • Dry herb chamber: The ceramic heating chamber for dry herbs holds about 4 to 5 hits of your herb of choice.
  • Concentrate chamber: The concentrate heating chamber is specially designed to vape wax, dabs, or concentrate.
  • Ce5 Clearomizer: Enjoy your favorite flavor of e juice with the Ce5 Clearomizer, also included in the 3 in 1 vape pen starter kit.
  • 510 threading: The most common size of threading on vape pens, 510 threading allows you to interchange parts with any other 510 threaded accessory.
  • LCD battery indicator/draw counter: A small LCD screen on the battery shows you how much battery life you have left and how many draws you have taken.

Vape pen starter kits are a great choice for people who want a product that is going to work immediately, as soon as it arrives in the mail, without any need to buy a whole bunch of different accessories and parts just to be able to use it. But what if you like to vape more than just e juice? Other vapable substances like wax, dabs, and dry herbs need different setups than e juice. Many times this means that you need to buy multiple vape pens to accommodate the different things you want to vape. Eventually you’re going to end up with a bunch of clutter and too many vape pen parts.

You can simplify your life and simplify your vaping experience with the 3 in 1 Vape Pen Starter Kit! With one starter kit, you can be sure that you have all the bits and bobs you need to vape your favorite things, and you know they are all compatible with each other for a unified experience. Don’t worry about having to learn how to use different brands and manufacturers’ products; it’s all right here with the 3 in 1 Vape Pen Starter Kit from Slim Vape Pen!

The 3 in 1 Vape Pen Starter Kit lets you vape:

  • E Juice: This is the most common thing that people vape, and it works as a substitute for tobacco cigarettes. E juice commonly has nicotine concentrate in it, though you can get it with no nicotine in it. You can get a whole buffet full of flavors of e juice, so your own personal preference rules here. You can even mix your flavors to make custom tastes all of your own!

E juice vape pens have straight, cylindrical atomizer tanks. They may have an atomizer coil at the bottom or the top of the tank. The e juice tank in our 3 in 1 Vape Pen Starter Kit has a bottom coil clearomizer design, so the coil is on the bottom of the tank. A wick is used to draw the e juice from the tank to the coil. You fill up the tank once and can vape for an entire day or even longer, depending on how quickly you vape and how much e juice you put in the tank.

  • Wax and Dabs: Wax and dabs are herbal concentrates. As the name suggests, these are waxy substances that you scoop onto the coil rather than filling up a tank and letting a wick draw it. Wax and dab vaping is not for people who are looking for a nicotine fix or who want to replace regular tobacco cigarettes. Instead, it’s for people who are looking for an alternative to smoking herbs. The wax and dabs are more convenient than smoking herbs, they have a clean smell instead of the distinctive herby smell, and they are easy to vape discreetly.

Wax and dab vape pens typically have a round glass globe that fills up with vapor when you use it, giving the vapor plenty of time to develop a cool, flavorful quality. You can often get about three puffs per dab before you need to take off the globe and reload your atomizer coil.

  • Dry herbs: Dry herb vaping is another great alternative to smoking herbs. Instead of having to get special dabs or wax, all you do is load up your vape pen with your dry herb of choice and take a puff. When you vape dry herbs, you don’t have any smoke, which is a product of combustion. Instead, all the residual liquid in the herbs flash vaporizes, giving you clean vapor that does not have the strong smell of herb smoke. This makes it easier to vape discreetly without making the area around you smell like herb smoke, and it means you don’t have to inhale smoke either.

Dry herb vape pens usually have a small screen to keep the herbs from directly touching the coil, because that could cause combustion. When the herbs are very close to the coil but do not touch it directly, the extreme heat causes vaporization but the herbs themselves do not burn. As with wax and dab vape pens, you usually have to load dry herb vape pens every 3 puffs or so. Unlike e juice vape pens, you can’t load them once and then vape all day.

With the 3 in 1 Vape Pen Starter Kit, you get 3 separate tanks, one for e juice, one for wax and dabs, and one for dry herbs. You get one battery that fits all three tanks, so you know your whole starter kit works together and does not need extra parts. Your kit includes:

  • E juice tank
  • Wax/dab tank
  • Dry herb tank
  • Battery
  • USB charger
  • Wall adapter
  • FREE bottle of Nicoclean e juice!

Get started vaping YOUR way with the 3 in 1 Vape Pen Starter Kit from Slim Vape Pen!