AR MOD Silver Clone

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AR Vape Pen Mod Clone in Silver

The AR Mod Clone in Silver is an awesome mod if you’re looking for something industrial or military in appearance, with great functionality and practical uses. This is the newest mod from Slim Vape Pen, we’re all really excited about it. Here are some of the things you are going to love about the AR Mod Clone in Silver:

  • Octagonal Shaped Button: The octagonal shaped button means that you will never lose your bottom button. Gone are the days of worrying about this problem with your vape mods! The pending design of the button on the AR Mod Silver will change the way you experience vape mods.
  • AR-15 Lookalike: The AR Mod Silver is designed to look like an AR-15 rifle barrel. If you are looking for a tough, awesome look for your vape pen, this is the mod for you! This mod looks tough and lets everybody in the world know in no uncertain terms that you are not someone to be messed with.
  • Air holes: The air holes help keep your AR Mod Silver from getting too hot. Put simply, they let heat escape so you can vape with peace of mind, knowing your vape pen will work exactly the way it is supposed to every time. No more worrying about overheating!
  • Perfect fit in your hand: The rails on the AR Mod are designed to look just like the AR-15 rifle, but they feel a lot more comfortable in your hand. They are smoothed out and given the proper texture to feel comfortable in your hand, so you get the great look of the AR-15 lookalike with a comfortable feel in your hand. The unique design of the grip also keeps your hand from slipping down, which is a problem with a lot of mods.
  • 18650 battery compatibility: The AR Mod Silver fits 18650 batteries, so you can enjoy reliability and ease of use with this amazing vape pen mod.
  • Copper contact pins: The AR Mod Silver uses copper contact pins to maximize conductivity. This means you can count on the AR Mod Silver to give you the power you need, when you need it. The voltage drop test on the AR Mod Silver shows that it has a voltage drop of about .03-.05 – great numbers for any vape pen mod!
  • 22 mm dripper compatibility: The AR Mod Silver has a small chamfer on its top cap that comes to a point right at 22 mm. This gives this mod a great flush look with 22 mm drippers. Drippers not included.
  • Dog Tag: To complete the military look, the AR Mod Silver comes with its own dog tag to ensure authenticity. Enjoy the look, feel, and experience of the AR Mod Silver from Slim Vape Pen!